Friday, September 26, 2008

RSU President Announces Withdrawal of Anti-War Stance at RSU

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Wednesday, September 24, 2008
RSU President Announces Withdrawal of Anti-War Stance at RSU

Last night, RFP reporters donated 7 hours of their lives to witness the September board meeting of the Ryerson Students' Union. While there will be extensive coverage of the meeting in the October issue, out next week, this letter made its way to us today. We thought it fit to publish. It was sent to all members of the Canadian Peace Alliance.

OPEN LETTER to the members of the Canadian Peace Alliance:

Dear members of the Canadian Peace Alliance,

It is with great regret that I must inform you that the Board of Directors of the Ryerson Students’ Union (RSU) resolved last night to not continue its membership in the Canadian Peace Alliance. While I affirm that a significant minority of our Board and I are very supportive of the Canadian Peace Alliance and are staunchly opposed to war, I can no longer say that this is the position of the RSU.

The RSU has had a long and proud tradition of supporting anti-war initiatives. From the position taken at our 2002 Annual General Meeting against the American-led occupation of Iraq to strong student contingents at rallies calling for Canadian troops out of Afghanistan, the RSU has, in the past, been a proud and vocal supporter of peace.

Unfortunately, our Board of Directors has shifted dramatically to the political right and, at last night’s meeting several motions were served that illustrated this shift. This includes the narrow defeat of a motion to continue our membership in the CPA and proposed budget amendments that would see our funding of campaigns for peace, accessible education and student rights all reduced to zero. Further budget cuts to our progressive campaigns work are still outstanding and will be considered at our next meeting.

I would, however, like to assure you and your members that there are still a dozen directors and thousands of Ryerson students who are committed to the peace and anti-war movement at Ryerson. The Students Against War coalition will continue to be anchored by the Continuing Education Students’ Association of Ryerson (CESAR). I also commit to you all that, as President, I will work hard to ensure that the first-ever national anti-war conference scheduled for February will be a success, and not derailed by these circumstances.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact me directly.

In peace and solidarity,

Muhammad Ali Jabbar

Ryerson Students' Union
Local 24, Canadian Federation of Students

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Students Against War Meeting

Hello all, we will have our first meeting of the school year Monday Sept 22 at 6pm in SCC309, third floor of the Student Centre 55 Gould Street. We will be discussing how to build the anti war movement on campus.
We will have food so please let us know if you think you can make it?


Ryerson Students Against War



12:30PM | Saturday, September 20 @ Moss Park (Sherbourne & Shuter)

FEATURING: Faith Nolan, Sara Marlowe, The PARC Drummers, Mohammad Ali
...hip hop, blues/jazz, folk & more (check web updates)...

[NOTE regarding recent permit issue in news media: this event will proceed as planned!]


The Moss Park Armoury sits in one of Canada's poorest neighbourhoods, surrounded by Toronto's highest concentration of homeless people. The government trains 800 soldiers every month in the armoury while people outside die without food and shelter! The Moss Park Armoury should be replaced with decent, accessible, affordable housing!

Join us for a free meal, music, demonstration and march on the armoury!

*CHILD CARE AVAILABLE AT EVENT* (please let us know ahead of time if possible)

For more info, or for accessibility needs, contact TDRC:

416-599-8372 | |

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Canadian Armed Forces has produced videos (which are found on their Website) videos which use traditional First Nations images to promote the Canadian Military. In some cases sacred images morph into military images such as tanks. Natives in kayaks and canoes morph into subs,a leaf that turns into an owl which turns into fighter jets.Is it just me or is this totally offensive. These are all peaceful images that are transformed into images of war. A war in which innocent civilians die.

Iran Pledge

Ryerson Students
Against War & Racism

Pledge for action against an attack on Iran
We the undersigned call on our government to actively oppose plans for an attack on Iran.
We believe that any attack on Iran would be a disaster for the ordinary people of that country and would massively increase instability across the Middle East and beyond.
In the event of escalation towards an attack we pledge to join a national campaign of action and protest.
We also pledge on the day of any attack to walkouts of school and mobilize for local protests in towns and cities across the country.



Ryerson Students Against War & Racism

Don't Iraq Iran

On August 2, demonstrations took place in nearly 100 American cities to oppose war against Iran, part of a North American-wide day of action. In Canada, a number of cities also demonstrated to oppose war against Iran, including Toronto.

Please join us to say: "Don't attack Iran!" and "Stop the war before it starts!" As the US sinks deeper into quagmire in Iraq and Afghanistan, it will feel even greater pressure to expand the war to Iran. Be part of the mobilization to help stop another US-led war.

For more information, please visit